Thursday, 18 August 2011

1st time blog better be better than my 1st time baking!

My Earliest foray's into baking were under the guiding hand of my mum, an old fashioned Yorkshire woman who made all manner of cakes and biscuits to feed me and my four siblings. Mum made basic cakes and buns all the time. Nothing fussy or with posh names. In fact I grew up calling cupcakes "Buns" and it took me some years to work out that mum's bun recipe was the same as other peoples cupcake recipes.

I count myself lucky that I had a Mum who taught me to cook the basics because from the basics I have been able to branch out and get a little more adventurous over the years!

My first cooking sessions with my mum were not the greatest successes, but I did persevere and over the years I like to think I improved! The story of my best friend and I making Rock cakes is family legend. We were 10yrs old and  the mixture was so sticky our hands looked like rocks and the results were probably on a par with Hagrid's Rock cakes!  

All of the recipes in this blog will have been tried and tested by me and occasionally some of my baking buddies. Some of the recipes will be Gluten and Lactose free as one of my best friends is a Coeliac sufferer with a lactose intolerance and I enjoy the challenge of creating good food that she can enjoy when she visits me here in the back of beyond!

My husband is a bit of a gardener and we try to grow some of our own fruit and veg so some recipes will include our home grown produce, so I apologise in advance if I post a lot of blueberry recipes in the next few weeks!!

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