Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fabulous Fridge Cake by Becky

At our recent Jubilee celebrations a tin of the most scrumptious chocolate fridge cake appeared on the Jubilee tea table. It was truly divine, chocolatey, biscuity heaven. Of course I asked around but no one seemed to know who had made this little bit of heaven.  I decided that I needed this recipe in my life so put out an email to the village, after a few non starters the lovely Becky stepped forward and owned up to producing the amazing treat. Thankfully she agreed to share her recipe with me so I could make it and share it here. The recipe originated from Lorraine Pascal's Home cooking made easy. I have no experience of this book, but after making these I may be tempted to add it to my groaning recipe book shelf!

I will admit I tweaked the recipe slightly by adding raisins to the mixture because I like them with chocolate. Be warned this is very rich and not one for dieting!!!

Chocolate Fridge Cake
400g of good quality chocolate, I used 200g each of dark and milk, broken into pieces
125g butter
250g digestives
2 dollops of golden syrup
135g maltesers
50g raisins

Melt the butter over a low heat then add the chocolate and syrup. Stir until all is melted. Take off the heat, add the biscuits and maltesers until evenly mixed. Put into a lined brownie tin, 20cm square, I used a silicone tin which didn't need lining, and place in the fridge for couple of hours or until set.  Remove from the tin and cut into 18 squares.


  1. mmm, never would have thought to put maltesers in a choc fridge cake - am partial to a handful of cherries though. Might have to try both next time! Thanks to you and Becky for sharing x

  2. I never even heard of a fridge cake before but this sounds gorgeous! I will definitely try it. Thanks for sharing (and Becky too!)