Monday, 29 April 2013

Too busy to blog!

This really is a flying visit to my little blogosphere to say a thousand apologies for not keeping up with my blog but I seem to have become a victim of my own success!
Since setting up Back Of Beyond Baking 'the business' and returning to my day job, I seem to have very little time to write about the cakes I make. I am not experimenting with new recipes because I am busy making the standard sponge cakes either for celebration cakes or themed cupcakes! The great news for me is that my decorating skills are being regularly tested and expanding and if I do say so myself; improving quite quickly! I have had only two weeks where I have had no cake orders and most weeks I have had multiple cakes to make. Out on the farm, lambing has been and gone, the hedgerows are finally showing signs of life and spring is most definitely sprung, and to be honest I have missed it all in a whirl of fondant, ribbons and lots and lots of cake!
During the course of my absence from this corner of the back of beyond I have made my first rainbow cake for Master Vander-Cave's Birthday, along with ombre icing in shades of blue (his request), made my first motorbike out of fondant and gum paste and used rice krispie treats (or RKT as they are known in cake decorating circles!) for modelling under fondant. So lots of firsts. There was one other cake related first, which I will dedicate a whole blog post to soon. I attended my first Clandestine Cake Club meeting and met lots of lovely bakers, got to try some gorgeous cakes and take some cake away with me! That was a real highlight for me and something I will definitely be making time for in the future!
In the mean time I will keep all my cake creations updated on the Cake creation page